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Relaxed and Forward; A Horse/Life Blog is my quest to understand and explain the deep and powerful connection between horses and humans.

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Awe is the word that best describes what I feel about horses.  After an entire life with horses, I continue to be awe-struck by them daily; spell-bound by their intellect and humor, by their strength and physicality, by their breath on my cheek.

Part of the awe of horses is their fragility also. From their first steps to the geriatric years, everyday we have with them is a kind of victory over the impossibility of their beauty and frailty.

The beauty of a horse is the sum of his bravery and vulnerability. Maybe that beauty is what we humans aspire to emulate.

We also share our home barn with llamas, goats, ducks, and Edgar Rice Burro, our moral compass. And of course a few dogs and cats. You can expect them each to creep into my writing from time to time.

My name is Anna Blake and I’m an equine professional, author, horse advocate, and proud member of the herd at Infinity Farm, on the Colorado prairie. I train horses and riders using Natural Horsemanship and Dressage, and I write parables about life and horses.

It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.  ~Mark Twain

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  1. Oh my! I was given the book as a gift by a friend and will forever be grateful. Anyone who has had the gift of horses in their life and experienced the pain of human relationships gone wrong will somehow connect with Anna in spirit at some level. I read it in two days and kept my tissues handy as I relived my own childhood traumas and then felt the healing balm of the spirit of my Paint horse who kept me sane for so many years. Thank you, Anna, for the beautiful style with which you remind us of the sanctity and dignity of all life.

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    • What a great description of the book, I’m flattered. Thank you. (and it would be great if you found time to paste this at Amazon, where I am trying to float to the top.) But mostly, I just love to think people share this book to their friends. Thanks for letting me know.


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