Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Goats are not for everyone. You love them, or you hate them. They fight fences, and are always inside of things you want them to be on the outside of. They’re destructive, contrary creatures with very high self-esteem..

namaste, 011 (349x640)Then in the middle of the chaos, they get inside your heart. Meet Sumo, he’s 12 years old now. Still a tasty kind of bad, addictive like a sweet and salty treat.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone. No psych, definitely not high-tech.


Anna Blake

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  2. I’m on a horse farm in the south of the South Island of New Zealand. A friend of mine has about 20 Boer goats and I love watching them play. Sadly I have none of my own but maybe one day I’ll be lucky

  3. My love affair with goats began when a wether jumped out of a paddock to follow me as I rode past on a horse… and despite numerous efforts to put him back and gallop away, he succeeded in his intent. Later I had milking goats… love them and miss them. Cleverer than any dog!


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