In the Gloaming…

It’s been quite a year so far. We had fires the first half of summer and floods the second half. It’s like 2013 was determined to stand out from day one. It’s been year of erratic weather in our lives as well; lots of reluctant change and no shortage of loss. Some of the changes have been nothing but good, and even that doesn’t always mean easy.

On top of that, this year had serious velocity. Such speed that weeks were the length of days, and seasons passed before any of us knew they arrived. Every day felt hurried, we fell asleep exhausted. We got up early, knowing we were behind before the day started.

Do you ever feel less like you are leading the herd and more like you are being drug along behind? Whoa! Half-halt! Stand in balance.

We changed our clocks back an hour, and I was so busy complaining about less light, I almost didn’t notice the change in time- not the hour, it was the speed that changed. Can you feel it? Dawn starts slow and melts lazy across the sky. Sunset dawdles, dragging its toes into the beyond. Afternoon sun illuminates the prairie with a sideways glow, that gives respite to bare trees and old horses. It’s a slow and precious time, in the gloaming between time and season.

There is something in the air that shouldn’t be missed. It’s sweet and pure, and capable of cleansing our deepest corners. It’s time to breathe long and slow, and savor the in-between. It’s time to shut up and ride.


Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

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Anna Blake

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