Weekly Photo Challenge: (Un)Broken


Anna Blake

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  1. I used to cringe (visibly, my Hubby says) whenever someone would ask if my b/w girl, Cookie is broke. It was a hot button question for me, because it all too often led to “Well, if you’re not going to ride her or breed her, what good is she?” That just made me angry.

    And then a FB aquaintence shared with me the perfect answer to that “Is she broke?” question, and it’s what I use to answer it…I just smile and say, “Nope. Not anymore”

  2. GREAT answer! Makes no difference what you “do with them” – what matters is if they are loved and cared for. The “broke” attitude is how too many horses end up in rescues – or worse.

    • And too many people get hurt, but do we listen? Humans are such fighters. I like to volunteer and I like my horse to do the same. You’re right about rescue–thanks for the comment.

  3. I have a pony who was completely and utterly broken. It’s been a while since she’s shut down around me and she (and I) have learned the signals for enough, so I have hope that someday she won’t be ‘broke ‘ anymore.
    So yeah, not really fond of the word.


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