Weekly Photo Challenge: "ROY G. BIV."

Infinity Pond

“ROY G. BIV.” is a lousy acronym for the colors of the rainbow. Who ever thought this was a clever way to humanize, and by that I mean insult, Mother Nature, should be ashamed.

The sunset over our pond makes mere rainbows look puny. I hope it stays just this strong as a power company begins to run its power-lines across the property just to the west of us. Soon this view will be striped with wires and poles.

We were barely an intersection in the road when I moved here but there’s been so much growth since then. You certainly couldn’t call it improvement; just one more step in a long, destructive history of trying to dominate nature.

Humans are idiots.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech

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Anna Blake

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  1. You’ve touched a subject that makes me extremely concerned, outraged at times. So many people, Developers are money driven and do not take into account what all their building is doing to earth for future generations Asphalt and concrete do nothing for our air. New houses, shopping centers and businesses of convenience fill all the acres of land that once had grass and trees Why can no one think of the benefits GREEN gives us humans and animals? Why can city and county managers Not insist that GREEN spaces be maintained? My grandchildren and their children will be living here in the states much as the people in India and China have had to live!

  2. Another agreement! We have certainly found in dealing with our farm, farm animals, and wild animals that when you try to intervene you usually makes things worse!! Often wonder why we think we can do better?????

  3. Boy, did you hit a nerve! When I moved here – further out than I was – there were very few houses on my road – now its become pretty much built up AND we have a gas compression station about two miles down the road, plus pipelines – another being built before long. And it doesn’t matter whether people don’t want it – its going to be done! My house is sort of in the middle of almost four acres which does protect me from having anything closer. But this whole nasty march towards covering every square inch of green with some kind of industrial mess really irks me. Sorry I’m ranting, but from the sound of things we are all in the same boat – no matter where we are. The only saving grace – sort of – is that so far the NY governor has banned fracking – SO FAR!

  4. yes humans are the deadliest invasive species. gone soon and for the best – my only relief these days. + my horses, dog, cats, kindred spirit friends, fellow activists, your blog

    in gratitude, mary

    • I admit, it’s getting harder to be optimistic, but I soldier on with it. We have the ability to be as smart as we are being stupid. People have to vote for the planet.

  5. So sorry your view will be impaired. The human habit of covering the ground with variations of “marking their territory’ is heart breaking. At least it’s not a pump jack.

    • Thanks for this chuckle, I confess, I have different methods but I do mark my territory as well. Mainly lawn chairs around the arena, but still…


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