Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

WM Edgar eye sunset

Maybe it’s just simple 
math. The cumulative tally 
of giving versus withholding. 
Of offering open space for 

a wisp of an idea, the maybe 
of risk and try. Or girding 
a torso in cynical doubt, 
clutching folded arms to 

concave ribs. It's passion 
and fear, added and multiplied, 
that equals the bottom-line 
sum: A messy chosen life.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Equine Pro

(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. My photos are taken with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high tech.

Cherry on Top

Anna Blake

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  1. Sigh. Nothing is simple any more, and everything seems scary. But I’ll try to keep my eye on the cherry and, for now, fight my flight-animal instincts.


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