Photo Challenge: Evanescent

After the bay gelding’s leg
is doctored and wrapped, I
walk the fence line looking at
bent posts and hair caught up
on wire. Clues don’t change the

task ahead. Unload the rolls
of fencing and tools to start
tomorrow early. The horses
will need to stay in stalls until
the work repairing the fence is

done. Jinxed luck, new tires for
the truck will have to wait. But
then dusk creeps in with deliberate
calm, and darkness gathers all
the colors back home, mended.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
(WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo–I enjoy twisting these macro prompts to share our micro life here on the Colorado prairie. I take these photos with my phone, on my farm. No psych, definitely not high-tech.)


Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Evanescent”

  1. I can understand the being so tired your teeth hurt and having to cowboy up.
    What truly amazed me was your perseverance with the rescue corgi.
    You are a good woman!

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  3. Nice to know our day here in the East pushes towards your westerly day before it moves on, Happy to oblige!


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