Weekly Photo & Poem: Favorite


Her years on flat open prairie, the
hard-scrap jumble of danger and chance
left only the essentials: skeptical wisdom,
long-ear sensibility, and eyes that watch with
great vigilance from deep under her brow.
She keeps an entrancing distance. Magnetic
in her independence.

This caretaker of a small farm with a strong
back for throwing hay, filling troughs, repairing
fence. I’ll bring a soft mush to her stall but
I’m not willing to make it a bribe. Neither
of us mere beasts of burden, we have each
been both predator and prey. We know
the value of self-reliance.

We live on this land, it sustains our bodies
and our instincts, gives us trust in nature’s
plan going forward, so this old girl needs
no dependence on me. She and I are free
to choose to stay apart or come closer,
as guarded equals owing no debt and
demanding no allegiance.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
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Anna Blake

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    • Thanks, my friend. This isn’t what I told you I was writing. I think I’ll be writing about Lilith for a while… Best in the New Year to you and yours.

  1. ‘She can make the choice to come closer…’
    So many people could learn a lot from this ‘mere’ quote alone especially when working with rescue animals, why do we persist in pushing ourselves into their space…?
    Great poem Anna you continue to inspire and teach us all!


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