Photo Challenge & Poem: Beloved


Eyes averted, shuffling an invisible
walk. A predator who feels like sad prey,
trying to pass for normal, trying to
hold balance. It doesn’t fool the mare.

She sees it all, distant movements in
her periphery or tiny broken parts deep
inside complicated humans; bruised
children in aged bodies; splintered

intentions colored with anger, brittle
betrayed love, honor abandoned for
sake of convenience. Details are less
important to the mare than the sour

emotions we hold tight. It isn’t her
job to patch us up and make us whole,
but for a moment, she can let us feel
what it would be like if we were.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro
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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge & Poem: Beloved”

  1. Goosebumps. Horses see thru all our disguises and masks and walls. Inviting us to let it l go And feel the peace … Thank you Anna.

  2. Anna, I allow these words to soak into my broken heart.

    Thank you.

    Two weeks ago I lost my dear, beloved old mare to a hard winter and a bad colic. Yes, this captures what she always was and always will be to me. She was the most honest and true being in my life other than my mother. They’re taking care of one another in heaven now. Twine your fingers in her mane for me, Mama. And Journey, nicker softly for her like you always did for me. See you both again some day.

  3. Going through issues with my 95 yr old, very difficult mother right now. Going out to be with the horses is a blessed relief.

  4. trying to pass for normal, trying to
    hold balance . . . . for a moment, she can let us
    feel what it would be like if we were.

  5. I don’t ride horses and i love being in their presence. I get that healing that happens almost instantaneously. My breath, their breath; and then we breath together each other’s breath, one breath. Thank you, Anna!

  6. Sigh……you find the words we have hidden inside.
    Transformation is what we seek and sometimes we gratefully take a little step – with the horses blessed help.

  7. How incredibly perceptive! For a moment, I thought, “She’s talking about ME! And then I realized, with a slowly rising awareness of sorrow and compassion, that there are many, many, maybe most of us, just like this. Thank you Anna!

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  9. Thank you. Again you have touched my heart, yet it gives me hope to know we have a sub-culture shared – you express it so well.

  10. Anna, I love that you’re thinking of the horse first (but of course, you are Anna). Softly reminding us when we heal ourselves we lift that burden from our companions. Yes!!


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