Photo & Poem: Ducks and Geese


Seven iced-over winters followed
by sweet bugs on long summer days.
Flightless old girls with twisted
toenails and dim eyes, each year

their webbed feet turn a bit more
inward, carrying the weight of their
front-heavy bodies. Was it a plan?
The hens began to answer the barking

terrier, marching wing to wing and
four abreast, heads tucked to the
left, bills dropped low, and on each,
a single eye glaring straight, baiting

the dog with a righteous chorus, fences
give courage to a time-honored battle. One
morning, necks at broken angles, perhaps
they won the day. Old bones rest free. Not

many feathers, not much fight. Maybe a
weasel or a house dog, blame doesn’t matter
now. Just to acknowledge their small lives,
as families of goslings appear on the pond.


Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro

Anna Blake

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  1. Endless creativity, another original, beautiful!!

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