Photo & Poem: Dignity

If only she was more demure, that
her words had come with a coy
smile, eyes dropped to her sunken
chest, no air in her lungs. Then

she could be comforted, her words
dismissed with pity and tissues,
muddied with commiseration, almost
passing for compassion. But she

prefers a beautiful rage. No obscure
intentions, each syllable in a dizzy
march on her tongue, knocking on
the backs of her teeth, pushing to get

out, tears and phlegm, saliva to air in
blunt plain words. Truth-telling is a rude
dignity, eye-to-eye combat, defiance
worn like a single strand of bloody pearls.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro
Consider my latest book, Horse Prayers, Poems from the Prairie.

Anna Blake

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  1. Corey drew my attention to this Anna and she’s right – this poem is about what I call righteous anger – fierce love – that screams “enough!”. My goodness you are an extraordinary writer…


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