Photo & Poem: Thanksgiving

We’d be grateful for a kind winter.
If that works out, maybe a sweet
season of green grass, probably
not more. This old gelding’s
back is a full hand lower than
his withers, not that he was ever
tall. His knees bent, disfigured
with arthritis. One of his shrunken
eyes has clouded over. He’s done
nothing wrong; just an old hay
burner. In his day, did he have a
young girl? He’s anxious now; too
many changes, too close together.
Settle, old man. Let’s stretch our
time here long, and call it home.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

25 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Thanksgiving”

  1. Very nice….I’ve got a 32 yo mare who resembles this and who is hoping for it too!!! Hope weather is nice to both of them!

  2. I’m an anti-slaughter advocate. I keep my horses for their forevers; and this touched my heart!!
    Thank you for your blog.

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  3. Right now my oldest is only 24. But I have been the end home for many. I live in California so winters are pretty doable. I cherish my time with elders they are simply the best.


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