Photo & Poem: Ice

Clouds fell to the ground in a fog, the air
dense as mud forcing the sun dark early,
resting so heavy the yard light failed, and
the barn just slightly misplaced from where

it should be. Moist horses materialize from
shadows, as I cautiously feel the way between
pens, my arms piled high with hay. Temps
dropped by morning chores, gumboots on

gravel frozen shiny to a crystalline lacquer,
baby steps to hold balance on ice, my back
muscles tense remembering the ease of a slip.
And I do, landing hard on frozen rocks and slick

tree roots, face bouncing against unforgiving
ground, my eyes shut to the vacuum in my
chest. Have I broken my nose? Is there blood?
Pushing a painful shoulder, rolling over to catch 

my breath and above, a crisp sky the turquoise
color of a small box from Tiffany’s and nestled
inside, the tree’s branches spread wide, each
twig encrusted with diamonds, all diamonds.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

33 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Ice”

  1. Gorgeous language setting up to fall flat on your face, ouch, ouch, ouch! I was hoping it was a slip sideways or one of those slow motion slides to the ground as if one was losing height somehow. But no, so very sorry.

    And then this comparison to a box from Tiffany’s. No identification with that at all LOL

  2. Yep ! It’s falling over time again. We have snow, fog and ice here in Bulgaria too.
    I hope your nose is ok…that really hurts, I hate bashing my nose more than anything.
    Happy days…. roll on Spring time.

    Kate ?
    Be yourself and if you can’t be a unicorn

  3. I landed on my back and the back of my head walking dogs and not seeing black ice. I found out which dog loved me best. . . the one who came back to check on me. I have thought of it often but NEVER described it in the beautiful way you just did. I’m certain I used quite different words. Only you could turn this into such a wonderful poem. I DO hope you are not badly hurt.

    • Ho, Jean. Glad you’re okay, and good dog info to boot. I might have had my swearing voice knocked out of me… temporarily. Thanks, a kind winter to all of us.

  4. Was hoping you were fictionalizing for our reading enjoyment. I see that wasn’t so. But, thankfully, it sounds like you are OK. Hope the rest of your winter treats you gently…

  5. Beautifully written as usual, your poems are always the first thing I read when I open my email. Had a wonderful time at your Lucky Pup clinic yesterday!

  6. Ahhh one of those obnoxious lessons from Mother Earth. She is always in control and less we forget it…has a fierce bite. Glad you are ok. =-)

  7. Sounds awful, even if poetic. The older I get, the more I understand why people fear falls so much. Hope you heal soon.

  8. Anna, it sounds like you happily made it through without any serious injury based on your responses to comments that have come before my own. I too have been taken down by Mother Nature’s most sly weather phenomenon on several occasions. I have an extremely twisted, slapstick sense of humor and usually can’t initially assess my injuries due to laughter. You are my hero; to be able to turn a fall into a beautiful poem is simply amazing.

    • It is slapstick… and I have been known to shrug my shoulders while lying on my back. I like you cackling at yourself best of all. Thanks Laurie.

  9. When I catch myself disliking this summer heat, I think of you and your herd approaching winter, and count my blessings. May it be gentle for you all.

      • Yes, we’re about to head south to the sea to escape the extreme heat this summer. But still…. summer doesn’t have the hazards for the footfall…..except for snakes of course! 🙂

  10. This one made me chuckle at the end. Sort of a calming signal. I have had that view. I don’t long for it but it is best to enjoy the different perspective. It is all good when we are blessed to be caring for horses. Be safe Anna.


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