Photo & Poem: Night Air

Told to fear the dark, my tiny legs bolted
the breathless distance from the milking barn
across to the house, a yard-light pale enough
to cause more fear than relief. Over my

shoulder, the panicked movement of my own
shadow, distorted by monsters on my heels,
their yellow triangle teeth snarled below
blood-red eyes. Slam the screen door, safe

inside, only to know they’d be waiting, certain
death in the attic crawlspace next to my bed.
Just now finished with the night feed, strolling
out on this moonless prairie to close my farm

gate, worn house-slippers on tired feet, weaving
my path from the barn around behind the
outbuilding, nodding to elderly monsters who
loiter by the fence line, taking in the night air.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

28 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Night Air”

  1. Kind of reassuring to think of those old monsters as senior citizens, isnt it? Yeah, change of perspective, indeed!

  2. love this. reminds me of my childhood dash from the house to the outdoor toilet. admittedly a short distance but far enough for anyone to shoot me as i crossed 🙂

  3. In the dark under the bed. Because they always stayed in the dark, a giant leap safely into the bed, so they couldn’t reach my legs, and a light on in the hallway of the house. Now there is a wee dog who would let me know if a monster was lurking, so I am not afraid. But do we ride out in the moonlight? The horses seem less afraid and more focussed, the youngsters travel better in the dark.
    Thanks Anna, for the memories.

  4. I love the visual of this! My childhood monsters were crocodiles under the bed, but once my parents got me my dog when I was five, she kept them at bay as long as I jumped to the bed from about 3 feet away.


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