Barn Raising this Friday!

We’re making some upgrades, remodeling the website, and adding on a new “Barn”. We’ll go dark for a few days and then be back on Friday, Feb.1st.

Until then, you can find me on Facebook at Anna Blake, Relaxed & Forward Training, and Relaxed & Forward Tribe, Intl., with Anna Blake.

Edgar Rice Burro, generally conservative in all things and not a fan of change, is marginally excited. I’m galloping in circles with my tail flagged. Yay.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

30 thoughts on “Barn Raising this Friday!”

  1. Great photo…are you sure he’s not shouting “we’re all going to die ! ”
    No, I’m only kidding. It all sounds very exciting.

    Love those ears Edgar.
    Have fun
    Kati xx 🦄


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