Photo & Poem: Let Down


So convinced of her isolation, she had become
its primary cause. So exhausted to chance, she
had retreated to a fine-tuned invisibility. So work-
hardened by test, she had proven she could carry
the pain. Better to be alone than a fool. Held apart
so cold lack seemed a choice instead of a failure.
Make do with less rather than feel denied of

nourishment, starved of the earth’s kinship. As
if her disease was penance for the offense of taking
up space, she surrendered her airless voice. What
would it be to let down? To choose to rescue her
own self with courage found in the merciful shade
of another, gingerly giving over her most trusted
fear without guise? What would it be to belong?

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

33 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Let Down”

  1. Oh My,…. while this poem speaks to the experience of a donkey??? There are many people who share this world of isolation.
    Anna, your way with words, your ability to “see”,… opens my eyes,… Thank-you, Corinne

  2. Oh my heart. And yours

    The power of that image and the perfect few words. Pretty well speechless but the tears tell.

    Thank you. Always.

  3. Oh my Anna. Through your words, you have captured for me, an understanding of the raw pain of loneliness in the presence of others.

  4. sometimes what is seen through the heart-mind connection can turn out to be view seen by many . . . change, that first step . . .


  5. Your ART always draws me in ! Your poems remind me, beauty is in all things. Everything is in its place, even if we don’t agree or understand. Thank you for sharing your gift .

  6. I have just discovered you, and this is my introduction…my heart swells with the deep connection that’s created through understanding. Wow.


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