Photo & Poem: Wild and Tame


You’ve landed in a place you don’t
belong, the cat let me know, as she
howled at you on the wrong side of
the window sill, trees and sky just a

transparent wall away. A big squawk
for a small feathered thing. I excused
the cat so we could be alone. Turning
your dark eyes on me, beak wide to

breathe, to threaten me. Proud little life,
no bigger than mine, I hear you out,
still my rattle, and finally move to help,
but my hand is your terror. Reaching

for Rachael’s book from my bag to
the window sill, and you are happy to
step on, then turned to an edge for a
perch. Exhale and float the book higher,

up and through the angle of the window.
Triangles of blue and black feathers,
a vulnerable bit of white at your throat,
and a beak as long as your angular wing,

my friend, you are free. Eyes meeting
again, slow seconds as we take stock of
each other. Lifting an opalescent wing to
air, he’s away in a swirl of wild and tame.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

12 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Wild and Tame”

  1. Anna, this is awesome! I do think that animals read us a lot clearer than most of us can read them. Your intention was clear, and somehow the bird “got it”. What a magic moment, and how satisfying it must have been. Thank you.

    • Oh, I don’t think it would have been possible to take his freedom away…He was a fierce little fellow! Thanks, Sharon


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