Photo & Poem: Spotted Horse


Both horsewomen would remember
this moment. A blustering wind, not
cold, but bitter. Misty clouds settled
the dust. A gelding stood between

them, aged beyond the math of his
years. Not quite thin but not strong
either. Looming with stilted tension as
if uncomfortable in ill-fitting clothes.

Was it his arthritis? The chronic hoof
problem? Not that he would ever
complain. His sunken eyes watering;
thick eyelids, half-closed. Maybe he was

mentally retreating. Not that he would
ever say no. The gelding stood tall but
the horsewomen knew he wasn’t quite
right. Eyes watering, probably the wind.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

20 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Spotted Horse”

  1. Lost my mare last week. I knew a couple days before. She wasn’t quite right and I knew we wouldn’t win. Her last day was her best in a week. I was thankful she had that. I had seen the faraway look in her eyes. She went in her sleep, taking that heartbreaking duty out of my hands. A last gift? Perhaps. If that’s even possible. I just know that she knew and just like in all the years we had been friends, she was right again.

  2. Anna Blake just finding my way around your Barn. Really enjoyed this Poem and the fact that its dated the last of day of our two day clinic with you easily puts me in the picture and is very relatable to what I have just experienced with you and with our training. Our one on one time was so short but amazing so happy to walking around the Barn here. Thank you from myself and my herd. megan 🙂


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