Photo & Poem: Letting Him Lead


You were there the day he was born, all ears and
knees. You knew him when his hooves were still
soft and his eyes first saw light, but the forever
deal was struck long before then. You knew what

the colt did not, that it was you who was born for
him. The exquisite crimson cut as he took his first
steps away from you, never again as compliant as
the dream. Can you let him move into the world,

can you cheer his curiosity, can your calm sooth
his fear? Can your love give him the confidence to
stand alone because as much as you long to pull
that colt to your chest, your arms locked round his

shoulders, his eye is sweeter given without request,
his company most dear when offered freely, the trust
between you shining brightest when you stand as
equals, him given the choice to lead you into his life.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

21 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Letting Him Lead”

  1. What a wondrous gift to stand side by side as equals. The walk is so much more interesting that way. And much more pleasant since learning from you that silence and no unnecessary touching is best. Thank you.

  2. Wow, how do you do it? Your poems continue to find my heart with almost eerie accuracy. My colt was 6 days old when he became “mine”. I arranged for the vet to come when he still hadn’t pooped; I brought the little enema bottle though I wasn’t experienced enough to use it, there in the stall where he stood with his mother. He’s coming up to 3 years now, and when I look at him my heart still gets all fluttery, just like it used to when my grandson was a baby. I know what you mean about less talking and touching, yet one of the many things I adore about him (horse, not grandson!) is that he seems to like it when I scratch his neck and his chest. He leans into it and I choose to see that as his choice, but when he walks away I let him go with a thank you. He’s given me a reason to take care of myself so we can grow old together…I only have to make it to about 105…???

  3. This is such a wonder-full poem for Kim and Banjo .. made me cry because it opens my heart. Of course all of us who aspire to an equine relationship can surely relate to the feelings expressed here. Anna, you continue to amaze us. with your ability to get right at the heart of the matter

  4. This touches a place deep in my soul…….. mine is a she, who seeks out my company often…… I was there at birth, i was there when the mare ignored her. And now she is there, at my side, as we look at life together.


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