Photo & Poem: Hunger Moon

Fresh snow fell yesterday and more
will come tomorrow, but in the still
between-time, a full moon sits high
in the sky, casting steely shapes on

the ground, dimly lit to a haunted
gray pallor. Unnatural colors that did
scare me as a girl, when my shadow
chased me for sport. Turn away from

the false lights of the house, give in
to the restlessness and walk the blue
pasture, boots crushing thin ice to
the powder below. Drawn to the

light that darkness holds, midnight
sky over glittering earth, to greet
those that still live in the shade of
the moon. Dear ghosts, come find me.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm

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Anna Blake

12 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Hunger Moon”

  1. Some nights those shadows still spook me, and I’m no girl. Maybe it’s the cataracts.
    But the darkness you describe is more often such a deep, silent, comfort on moonlit nights with stars in view.
    Thanks Anna for putting beautiful words to my awkward thoughts.


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