Photo & Poem: Body Voice

One horse flicks his ear, still grazing, another
pauses his jaw, his tail still amid flies. The
mare lifts her head, intelligent brow above
wide nostrils, while the elder gelding keeps

his neck low, courting smells wafting on the
breeze. A small movement in the distance,
awareness passes through the herd, their
breath in shallower waves to allow the earth

to give warning. Then the mare shakes out her
poll, her voice one of muscle and movement.
Grazing returns, each flank rising as tails go
soft, all before any mediocre human senses and

lumbering thoughts can articulate a message
for vocal cords. The herd has moved on,
resolved, their body to body eloquence not
encumbered by words, always empty and late.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

10 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Body Voice”

  1. I have watched this exact moment in my herd of 8 and thought these thoughts. Thank you for putting them into words with such beautiful arrangements for me to cherish. Stay safe and healthy Anna. Best regards, Missy

  2. As Melissa mentions a “beautiful arrangement” of words, to what we witness daily in our herds. ” Body to body eloquence”… that is just beyond “wow.” Thank you, Anna, for always finding a way to record the ineffable and then to share that with us.

  3. “It’s my favorite language… I just stumble along behind them, taking notes.” Best line ever! I feel so fortunate to have found in you, a translator. I think my horses can tell that I’m trying and occasionally I actually feel it’s acknowledged when I get it right.


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