Photo and Poem: Three-Quarter-Ton


Driving home from the feed store on a back
road, easing my foot from the gas pedal, the
three-quarter-ton truck coasts slower. Ahead,
a teenage girl riding a horse in shorts and a

helmet. The tomboy-girl twisted around but
dismissed me, only a gray-haired woman in a
farm truck. Would she want someone better to
see her, a boy or maybe a farmer with a roving

eye? Her bay gelding stood square, his neck
arched, as she searched the road. Steering wide,
remembering the warm feel of a dark horse on a
sunny afternoon; the breeze lifting his mane to

my bare knee. They won’t see you as I do, young
rider, your wild beauty will intimidate pedestrians.
Nodding to her as I pass, two wheels bump onto
the asphalt again, shifting the bags of feed in back.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

9 thoughts on “Photo and Poem: Three-Quarter-Ton”

  1. What a beautiful poem Anne. Even if it does make me feel a bit wistful about being closer to 60 than 16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You have such a talent for corralling them!

  2. I’ve gone beyond being that “farmer with a roving eye,” and hove now reached the point of thinking “damn, that’s a good looking horse!” I think I’m officially old now!


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