Photo & Poem: As if Love

She declared that she loved
her horse as if loving took
a sort of noble skill rare to
our kind. As if loving a horse

was a defiant act that few
achieve. Excused from the
menial tasks of picking hooves
and tending wounds, she

claimed an instant of shared
breath as the proof of her
prowess. As if her love was
special above all others, truer

than the common dream of
those ordinary girls. As if
love was a sacred promise
that has never been broken.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward

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Anna Blake

15 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: As if Love”

  1. I recall quite a few of these people. Just “having” a horse shouldnt be the end goal. Learning more & realizing that there is NEVER an end to the learning experience. The whole idea that an animal – whether horse, cat, dog – is only there to satisfy your current urge/phase etc – then done with it. Never understood that. The whole fascination with horses & all animals will be with me as long as I live – as it should be!

  2. The sad commentary for so many that end up in rescues. Or aren’t so fortunate to find a soft, safe & peaceful landing.
    That word “love” is as abused & misused as often in our society as animals are. Actions speak louder than words. Especially to the horse.


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