Photo & Poem: Weather Change

Hail blown sideways by the wind, dark clouds
churning across the horizon, as the horses
brace against the stinging ice pellets, their
noses tucked tight to their chests, running

for shelter. A stark reminder on this hot
summer day, torn leaves stripped to the
ground, intermingled with ice, standing
water everywhere, that seasons so long

awaited are shifting already. That all that
is worthy of love will pass from our grip.
Just as the dark clouds break to a faded light
beyond the edge of view, pale baby-colored

clouds sweeten the sky, the air scrubbed clean.
The whiplash give-and-take of nature deftly
abraded the paint on the barn and my battered
resistance softened to the color of a bruised sky.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

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  1. We’ve been in a couple of huge hail storms. Car damage, etc. for one in C. Springs area. Quite an experience.


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