Photo & Poem: Her Words

If her words didn’t matter, her father would
lift his eyes from the television commercials
and not busy his mouth with coffee. Her
mother would stop dusting, looking sternly

at the baseboards. If her words didn’t matter
her boss would not interrupt her in time to
claim the idea as his own. Her boyfriend
would not smother her mouth with kisses,

to hush uncomfortable conversations. If there
was less truth perhaps we could talk but what
response? If her words didn’t matter, we would
not ignore them until she doubts their worth.

Anna Blake for Relaxed & Forward 

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Anna Blake

20 thoughts on “Photo & Poem: Her Words”

  1. We have all been treated as though our words dont matter! I dont believe I know any women or girls that havent experienced this. Fortunately there are more young elected WOMEN now who ARE speaking out which will change the political “agenda” in the future. Wont completely change the attitudes, but its a start.
    Very powerful – yes – and important words.

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