Poetry Out Loud: Horse. Woman.

This blog will get back to some sort of new “normal” soon. What a year, huh? For now, just a note to say how grateful I am for your time here with us. I so appreciate you.

Thre is a new book out and this is an audio version of the title poem, Horse. Woman. 

Here’s the poem on the page:

Horse. Woman.

There were always horses, some light and
some dark. The woman met them in passing
or they stayed forever; some were proud and
some stayed hidden deep within. After the

gelding stumbled and fell, trapping the woman’s
leg, breaking her loose from her easy fairytale
romance, the woman and the horse stood
on equal footing. She feared her mortality as

the horse had always feared his own. Negotiation
began, internal parts of one were exchanged
with the other, melding counter to instinct, until
essential ground yielded to trust. The woman

careful to keep kindly stoic, so coming and going
was gentle for the horses, a loose hold that granted
freedom within their confined lives. The horses
answered by teaching the woman a body-voice

that other horses would recognize, granting entry
to an ancient herd running unbound across time,
beyond breed or nature. Recognizing themselves
only by who each became in service to the other.

The book is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and signed copies here on my website.

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Let’s take 2021 for us and our horses.


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11 thoughts on “Poetry Out Loud: Horse. Woman.”

  1. Thank you Anna! I listened twice.
    Did I for a moment glimpse the heart/mind of the horse? I think yes, and my heart softened. This poem is stunning…held me quietly for more than a moment.

      • “Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of well-being and flow.”

        • That part I know. I’ve even tried it on my work studio. I have a cartoonish image of some sort of gray mare Buddah that cracks me up. But I want one!

          • It’s the “promotion of harmony and sense of well being” that you bring to my barn that I wanted to emphasize. And that gray mare Buddha would be a treasure, for sure!

  2. Thank thank thank you. Always.

    This poem is especially powerful and heart-full.

    I appreciate you so much. But probably not nearly as much as my horses do.

    • Thanks, Deb. This one is special to me. It’s the condensed understanding of that all that horses have taught me. Thank you.


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