Social Media , Consequences, and Strange Birds

Social media is a bit like a snake pit. There are some snakes that are beautiful and peaceful. Some of them do jobs we appreciate like keeping an eye on rodent populations. And some are venomous; they are poison. Social media is great. It’s an opportunity to experience the world in a larger way; to … Read more

Little Engines, Indie Bookstores, and Chug, Chug, Chug…

Confession: I’ve never read The Little Engine That Could. I’m pretty fluent in the classics, too, just not children’s classics. The only books I saw before going to school were the Louis L’amour books my father read. Even so, you can’t live in this culture without acquiring some Cliff’s Notes version of the story, or … Read more

Politics, Typing, and the Right Tool for the Job.

My computer is up on blocks. Like an old rusted-out Chevy, it’s balanced on top of two eyeglass cases that are resting on top of a computer cooling pad with three fans.  It still overheats, so there’s another fan behind this teetering stack, roaring along and blowing in my face, unless I give in and … Read more

Telling the Truth about Secrets.

…”Anna is so brutally honest about things that are considered sacred in general society.” A recent quote posted by a reader, from a non-horsey friend of hers. And probably true. Sacred is a great word choice. I picture brutal honesty as the Holy Grail in that Indiana Jones movie: a bright-hot light burning with ecstasy … Read more