Book Release: Horse. Woman.

Book Release! Available Now! Horse. Woman. Poems from Our Lives “It was a tough life if you was useless.” -Leafa Numbers Blake My grandmother proudly claimed she had delivered more foals and calves than any woman in early 1900s North Dakota. Like her, we’ve found a purpose building our lives, sometimes elbow deep in dirt … Read more

Travelblog Photo &Poem: Dog Hair

Reviewing talking points, morning coffee cooling in a contemporary hotel room eight thousand miles from my prairie farm. Dressing for a teaching day, I unpack the red vest to find a few stray white hairs, thinner than my own, reminding me of the one at home who doesn’t know I have a job, the one … Read more

"Horse Prayers" Cover Reveal

Horse Prayers   Poems from the Prairie Hooray, it’s the cover of my next book. I know, it’s a totally different look than my other books, and for good reason. This is a 106-page book of poetry and full-color photography. A softcover mini-coffee table book. I wasn’t sure at first. I admit poetry has been a challenge. … Read more