Poetry Out Loud: Horse. Woman.

This blog will get back to some sort of new “normal” soon. What a year, huh? For now, just a note to say how grateful I am for your time here with us. I so appreciate you. Thre is a new book out and this is an audio version of the title poem, Horse. Woman.  … Read more

Poetry Out Loud: Impulsion

  It’s not unusual to feel still air rush over your cheeks and past your ears. It’s you moving forward in a bold waltz rhythm that’s less domesticated than dance. It’s perfectly normal to release the earth and be held by intention and hoof beats and a lesser degree of gravity than what roots docile … Read more

Poetry Out Loud: Walking the Dog

Walking the Dog There was a message on my phone. My dog was ready to come home, they said. It was just her ashes, they didn’t say. Never one to be put on a shelf, we took one last walk together around the farm, her cremains, I guess, tucked under my arm. She usually bounds … Read more