On The Road for Horses: Adventure, Drama, Dog Hair.

  I hope you didn’t worry I’d get lost. I installed radar and didn’t take a wrong turn. Maybe a few alternate routes… A brief catch-up on my clinic travel. Even with the Covid shutdown, I could only overthink the situation for so long. Why not apply Affirmative Training to my work style? I could … Read more

Relaxed & Forward in 2022. Now What?

The lockdown at the beginning of 2020, followed by months of quarantine, was a wonderful opportunity for a thoughtful assessment of my brilliant career choices. Said no one ever. “Non-essential worker” became my new job title. I was like a mare pacing the fence line separated from the herd. I would have been pacing more, … Read more

Travelblog: Addressing the Vegetarian Haggis

And again, sorry if this is a repeat, but it was time for the blog to come home to roost… Edinburgh, Scotland. The first moments in a new country are never the best. You’ve slept in your clothes, but they aren’t that wrinkled because you’ve sat up in a cramped seat on a plane all … Read more

Travelblog Photo &Poem: Dog Hair

Reviewing talking points, morning coffee cooling in a contemporary hotel room eight thousand miles from my prairie farm. Dressing for a teaching day, I unpack the red vest to find a few stray white hairs, thinner than my own, reminding me of the one at home who doesn’t know I have a job, the one … Read more

Travelblog: Introverts Everywhere

Humans spend so much time trying to “make” horses do things. I’m a little more fascinated these days with what horses have me doing. I’m an introvert who travels to work with groups of humans who have horses. I’m not sure any of us remembers a time when horses felt like a choice. It was … Read more

Travelblog NZ: The View From the Arena Middle

  Let me see. Where was I? Yes, having the time of my life at Equidays in New Zealand. On consecutive weekends on each island, Equidays is an annual national horse event with a focus on education and entertainment. It’s a high-five to the equine community. It wasn’t my first time at an event like … Read more

Travelblog: Business Pajamas to New Zealand

To get to New Zealand from Colorado, it’s usually a twenty-five or thirty-hour trip. The big hop in this flight, Houston to Auckland, was fourteen and a half hours, but it wouldn’t be international if you didn’t have a six or eight-hour layover in an American city first. I won’t mention that the first leg … Read more