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Composing a Writer #7. Criticism Wanted

I was fifty-nine years old and someone had scribbled "Why should I care?" in thick red ink on my hard-fought...
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Composing a Writer #6. Writing for Readers

It's a moment of exquisite anxiety. The kind of anxiety that's prickly and blunt at the same time, and you...
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Composing a Writer #5. Write Long, Write Short

As soon as I escaped, I started writing poems. I was barely eighteen and living four states away from my...
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Composing a Writer #4. Why Words Matter

  She's been my friend for decades. That was me at her daughter's birthday party, singing and tap dancing in...
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Composing a Writer #3. Comfortable Creativity

The first time you saw him, he was hurrying down the street, hat brim pulled low, and his cape flying...
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Composing a Writer #2. Just Write

We're big talkers. We debate and dream and create. There are issues that good people should agree about on but...
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