Back in the Saddle

Online Class

A small-group intensive online course with the goal of building better communication and partnership with our horses and returning to riding. You’ll start where you and your horse are at now and go at your own speed, individual for each horse and rider, but with the support of the whole group.

Appropriate for

·        Anyone looking to build confidence

·        Horses or riders coming back from time away.

·        Those wanting to work on a special issue with their horse.

·        Those wanting to re-start their horse with Affirmative Training.

We’ll support each other in a slow groundwork and re-mount process with thoughtful demo videos giving a visual explanation of riding exercises, weekly online meetings, and three half-hour private lessons with Anna. Riding (or not) will be up to the participant. Naturally, we'll listen to Calming Signals from both you and your horse. I’ll ask that you journal about your experience with an eye on affirmative training and self-talk.

It’s my goal that the private lessons be as close to a live coaching session as possible. A unique part of this course will be the inclusion of help from a ground person of your choice who will provide safety and support for the rider, as well as facilitating a live-chat on a cell phone or tablet, allowing me direct communication while the participant is working with her horse. (If there is no wifi/cell in your riding area, then videotape your session and we’ll have a live conversation while watching your video online.)

This course is limited to 6-8 people per session and runs for 6 weeks, with follow-up options.

Tuition: $179.99

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