Stable Relation

SR Both medalsSTABLE RELATION, a memoir of one woman's spirited journey home, by way of the barn. **2016 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Award Winner, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist** 

When most women go through a mid-life crisis, they start a diet, get plastic surgery, or have an affair. My life went to the dogs…and horses…and llamas… and did I mention happy hour with the goats?

My urban world came apart, so I took a leap of faith and crash-landed on a dilapidated would-be horse farm on the flat, windy, treeless prairie of Colorado. It was a place where white horses turn pink at sunrise and I didn’t have to worry about locking the back entry to the house because the door was missing. It’s the story of my bittersweet transition from a mid-life orphan to a modern pioneer woman, building an entirely different kind of family farm.

In the beginning, the prairie gave me the space to howl at the moon and I had mourning to do. My urban life was frantic emotionally and physically. Losing that life gave me an opportunity to change everything. When I took the leap to the country, everything was twice the challenge I'd imagined. I wanted to start over, but it didn't go like I expected. It went even better.

Stable Relation appeals to animal lovers, midlife survivors, and anyone whose parents had problems of their own.


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