Undomesticated Women

Undomesticated Women

Welcome to our year of living compactly.  My dog, Mister, and I crossed thirty states, saw two oceans, and drove fourteen thousand miles in eight months, pulling our A-frame trailer, the Rollin’ Rancho. We were nomads looking for horse training adventure and liver treats. Work paid for the trip; it was part clinic tour, part travelogue, part squirrel hunt. But mostly an unapologetic celebration of sunsets, horses, RV parks, roadkill, diverse landscapes, and undomesticated women.

It’s a book made of adjectives and nouns, blue skies and tornado watches, resorts and reservations, open roads to the horizon and one-lane dead-ends. We emerge from the truck in a cloud of dog hair and sunflower shells, like disoriented and scruffy rock stars in a GPS haze, not entirely lost or found.

In this deeply personal account of her life as a traveling equine clinician, author, and horse advocate, Anna Blake celebrates the lives of the women and horses she meets. Driving from coast-to-coast with her Corgi, Mister, Anna braves interstates and dirt roads, RV parks and truck stops, sharing what she sees with a clear and clever wit. If you’re curious about the traveling lifestyle, in this book you'll find the heart-touching (and sometimes heart-stopping) accounts of a woman who, despite the world’s best attempts, remains undomesticated.  

-Crissi McDonald, Author and Equine bodyworker/clinician

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