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A Book Report and What We Know Now.

A bit of explanation: I grew up on a farm without a bookshelf. We were not readers. Once we finally...
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Book Release: Horse. Woman.

Book Release! Available Now! Horse. Woman. Poems from Our Lives "It was a tough life if you was useless.” -Leafa...
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Book Release: Going Steady, More Relationship Advice from Your Horse

Tada! It's here! Going Steady, More Relationship Advice from Your Horse is now available. Find the links for ordering through...
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Authorblog: A New Book. Does It Count If I Haven’t Suffered Enough?

Writing Stable Relation, my first book, took me sixty years, give or take. Okay, I exaggerate, but I had anxiety...
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Travelblog Photo &Poem: Dog Hair

Reviewing talking points, morning coffee cooling in a contemporary hotel room eight thousand miles from my prairie farm. Dressing for...
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The Book Launch That Went Splat! And an Online Poetry Reading.

It was almost like the Olympic Ski Jump event. There were cameras rolling and tension in the air. Edgar Rice...
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