Affirmative Training

Online Class

Affirmative Training Online: The Fine Art of Saying Yes.  Are you looking for an alternative to the old-school aggressive training methods? Do you want to learn how to apply Calming Signals into training techniques? Would you like to take a leap forward in partnership with your horse? This clinic marries the brain science of how horses think and learn with affirmative training techniques. We’ll deepen our understanding of Calming Signals from our horses, with a focus on encouraging confidence and connection for both horse and rider. This clinic is human-focused, using a forward-thinking philosophy and nonviolent techniques that pair clarity and kindness, resulting in a calm responsive partnership.

What would it mean to your horse if your every response to him was, "Yes!" How would you have to change to be able to do that? Prepare to wage peace with your horse. We prioritize each horse’s welfare, especially young horses and those horses who have suffered harsh training in the past.

This is a small group interactive online concept clinic, limited to 8 participants. The first session, I’ll share a presentation describing the horse’s brain workings and his autonomic nervous system, as they equate to how a horse learns and behaves. Going forward, the Participants will send 5-minute videos weekly to be shared in the next meeting; your horses will be our demo horses. We will begin with groundwork and each participant has the choice of riding or not.

Using Zoom meetings, the course will be two-hour sessions on four consecutive weeks.

Courses are ongoing, repeated approximately every other month.

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Tuition: $124.99

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