Calming Signals

Online Class

Calming Signals Concept Clinic -Online. 

If you are standing next to your horse and he looks away, do you think he’s distracted or disrespectful? When your horse yawns, is he sleepy or bored? If he moves slowly, is he lazy? Maybe you have a reactive horse who seems to spook all the time and you would like to understand him better so you can help with his anxiety. Calming Signals are the body language of horses; it’s the way they tell us that they are no threat to us, that we don’t need to be so loud.

Could we understand and perhaps even help with the anxiety our horses feel before it got so big that it impacted his behavior negatively? Most of us want a better partnership with our horse, but no one tells you how to do it. We want to listen better, but what are we supposed to be listening for? This course will answer those questions and more.

We prioritize each horse’s welfare, especially young horses and those horses who have suffered harsh training in the past.

This is a small group interactive online concept clinic, limited to 8 participants. We’ll learn to read and respond to calming signals with special attention to active listening and comprehension. Our “conversations” with our horses will involve haltering and groundwork. This is not a mounted course.

Using Zoom meetings, the course will be two-hour sessions on four consecutive weeks. In week one, I’ll share a presentation that defines Calming Signals using photo examples as well as videos. Going forward, the Participants will send 5-minute videos weekly to be shared in the next meeting; your horses will be our demo horses.

Courses are ongoing, repeated through the year. Register now for the next offering. Tuition: $124.99

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