Life is Good, Especially Compared to the Alternative!

The horse show last weekend was the challenge we expected, meaning surprises didn’t surprise us.  One rider with a young horse had two unplanned dismounts the week before the show. One rider trying to balance show nerves got scolded by the judge who (we eventually figured out) confused her with another rider.  Nothing that happened … Read more

Hard Hats and Hard Heads.

The helmet debate continues for riders, especially of my generation. It flares up when well-known competitors or local friends get injured. After the incident passes the debate continues at a quiet level. I will be honest: I am late to the helmet wearing side of this debate. Before, I would wear them for some events … Read more

I’ll Be Your Ginger…

Spring is the time for two of my favorite things. First, my horse’s birthdays. It is the day that the tables turn after 364 days of serving them and I get a present for me! Second, it is time to dance. I love riding to music and musical freestyles. Horses respond to music and it … Read more