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Requiem for an Old Truck

req·ui·em/ˈrekwēəm/noun 1.(especially in the Roman Catholic Church) a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead. There is...
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Photo & Poem: Explain the Sky

  Restless eyes behind closed lids, the early hours lay flat, dull to these scurrying thoughts. Rise to use the...
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Photo & Poem: Counterfeit

  The herd stands close as the midday heat saturates the air, shadows black on the earth, their bodies held...
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A Filly Writes Her Farrier

Dear Mr. Farrier, Remember me? My friends call me Clara. You may call me Claro d’Luna. Please pronounce it with...
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Tracking Resolutions

New Year's is the traditional day that we reflect on self improvement- meaning that we begin the New Year by...
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