Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

 A different kind of blue eye: not blue- the color, and not blue- the emotion. Silver blue like a dream of contentment and harmony. The color blue is linked to consciousness and intellect, peace and spirituality. So I guess blue is the most common color of horse. Anna, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

We all love a good thunderstorm here at Infinity Farm. This spring is dry and I’m remembering a great storm last year. When the rain stopped, my two younger horses rolled and ran, ran and rolled- it’s hard to have more fun than mud. Exhausted and unfocused, two wet horses wander back to me at … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Edgar Rice Burro and Holiday. Together. It isn’t that they just love each other. Edgar would prefer Holiday not lay down on his lunch. Holiday thinks Edgar has a poor sense of personal space and would like to chew his cud in peace. But they get along together. Because it takes all kinds. Anna Blake, … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Our world revolves around the Sun. It provides warmth and creates a sense of time, giving a routine to life. Within that framework, we define our personal reality. This horse’s registered name is Sunbrite Sunset. It’s a name he arrived with, both pretentious and embarrassing- almost silly to my ear. We’ve spent a lifetime revolving … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

Our herd has many subjects, but here are two having a sunny shadow/play. They are literal opposites- mare and gelding, Arabian and Andalusian x, bay and gray- but they run as one.  Living in a herd is sharing a life. Anna, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu. The word Journey seems almost synonymous with life. It’s foaling season in the horse world, filled with dreams and possibility. At the same time, the horses all score another year of their short lives. This photo is the balance between the two. But … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

It’s my life that is arranged, one gray horse to the next, with some bay horses in between. Do you categorize segments of your life by which horses (or dogs) were with you? Are the animals in your life a constant, while other lifestyle situations shift? Are you  willing to arrange your life for their … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

THROUGH. In the dressage world, the term Through is much debated, sometimes misunderstood, and deeply desired reality. Through is a free flowing movement, from back to front, and should include a positive mental/emotional state. It is naturally occurring, but can be illusive to create under saddle. Fluid. Dynamic. Relaxed. Powerful. Effortless. The perfect marriage of … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Contrast. Well,not so much color-wise. This photo is a veritable rainbow of browns. But there is a contrast in species. People told me that horses hate llamas, but by then it was too late. The llamas had moved in and the mutual admiration society was underway. (In this photo, Belle is greeting two Andalusian babies … Read more