Horses and Memoir

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HORSES AND MEMOIR: A Calming Signals Writing Workshop. Are you interested in Calming Signals, the language of horses and humans? Are you a writer looking to draw readers into your story with authentic dialog and vivid detail? We’ll start with a presentation and discussion of calming signals; the body language horses and humans use to communicate their emotions. Listening to a horse’s non-verbal communication gives us a quiet moment to slow down and become consciously aware of the environment with the in-the-moment perception of a sentient prey animal.

Horse people and writers share a common desire to experience the environment with perception and describe it clearly, whether to understand our horses better or improve any kind of writing. Calming signals are key because a conversation is more than the words being said. The body has a voice as well.

This small-group intensive writing workshop begins with a presentation on calming signals in the morning and writing assignments in the afternoon, along with group sharing and discussion. No horse experience required. No writing experience required. Curiosity a must. This is a day of communication and inspiration. It isn’t about whether you want to publish, it’s about telling a story.

Workshop limited to 8 participants. One day, 9am-5pm, date to be announced. Use the contact form below to express interest.

Tuition: US $99.99

Anna is the author of five books and the co-founder of Lilith House Press.

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