Why Join us at the Relaxed & Forward Barn?

The Barn School is open to everyone and all are welcome. It's the online location where all the courses are taught, live chats happen, and the place like-minded horse people meet to support each other. Like Facebook but without the hustle.

The Barnies are a special sustaining group within the school that dives deeper into the Relaxed & Forward philosophy as well as Affirmative Training and the study of Calming Signals. Not a time-specific course of study, but rather an ongoing group, following where the herd leads us or our members request, committed to learning, inspiring each other, and doing our best for horses. Barnies are the heart of Relaxed and Forward Training.

Barnies are sustaining members, their subscription fee supports my work and the overhead costs of operation of the Barn School. Any generosity on my part comes from them. Thanks, Barnies, I can’t do it without you.

Become a Barnie if:

  • You believe training is a creative process.
  • You want the inspiration of a group of like-minded horse people.
  • You want to learn everything about horses, especially if it takes a whole lifetime.

Barnie Benefits:

  • Access to hundreds of videos in our library.
  • Quotes in your email every day.
  • Brief demo videos of some of my favorite riding exercises and explanations of training theory.
  • Free participation in R& F Group Lessons! These are one-time meetings with follow-up voiceovers on your video.
  • Calming Signals: An ongoing conversation about calming signals shared by other Barnies.
  • Ask Anna: Free voiceover on videos sent by Barnies. Send them anytime and I will respond.
  • Private Facebook Page, as well as at the Barn School, with the most affirmative and supportive folks anywhere.
  • Personal Coaching is discounted to Barnies. I record these meetings on Zoom, either a live lesson with your horse or we review video you have, along with suggestions going forward.
  • Barn Travelblog- Horse keeping in other places.
  • Audio blogs read by Anna.
  • Saddle Meditations: Audio podcasts to take along to the arena.