A Classical Passion

 Look, our new barn logo! Erica Whitcombe designed it, and it reflects our philosophy perfectly.

Infinity Farm may sound like grandiose name for this little barn. I like to think of us as a sort of Airstream trailer of equine facilities. We are a small, sleek barn with no wasted space anywhere. Stylish and efficient. 

The ‘infinite’ part of the name refers to the human-equine journey we are on.  This journey started before cave paintings and there is no end in sight.  It started in us when we were born and no one plans to stop. It is a passion shared across centuries and cultures, and it is our passion here and now in our little barn. 

What defines us is our commitment to our horses and to learning. Mom asked me once, “How long do you think you will HAVE to take lessons?” That was years ago; now I give riding lessons and I am still taking lessons, too. Learning with-and about- horses is endless. Sometimes our human failings scrape hard against our aspirations and we struggle with frustration. We are hard to live with on those days but in a while we are breathing normally and positive again.

There is an infinite space within each of us to hold every horse we have read about, known or best of all, owned. When we lose a horse the space inside gets even bigger. We re-define words like patience and humility and necessity. Most of us have limited resources and consider ourselves “horse rich”. Whatever our level of commitment to horses, we will be asked to commit more, and we will find a way, fueled with the awareness of a “…what if…” kind of infinite possibility.

This is us! The only thing better than having a passion- is sharing it with like-minded people. We all look so devastatingly beautiful in this photo because we have just come in from the barn.

Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.
                                                                             — Denis Diderot

Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.
                                                                    — Glade Byron Addams

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Anna Blake

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  1. 4/30/2010 2:11 PM Lisa Crispin wrote:
    I would like to add, we had just come in from the barn IN THE FREEZING COLD. Now, that’s true passion.


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