A Flying Change… of Season.

WMsnowrunWe’ve had a long spell of nasty weather. Snow is one thing and wind is another, but a combination of the two is crazy-making. There is real-time erosion that happens; you can see it in the snow drifts and blown sand. It drives horses nuts and it wears away at me, too.

Horses hate wind, more than rain or snow or heat. Wind confuses their senses: smells become all mixed together and hearing gets muffled. Being prey animals, it’s nerve-wracking to not trust your perceptions and have to stay on ready alert for so long. That’s why horses are spooky in the wind. I don’t think humans are much better. We’ve been mid-flinch for months now.

The last storm drove on all night long, bouncing and rattling every loose end. When the sun finally came up nobody looked that great, but we were all still here. Once the wind finally gave in and we could all stop bracing, the horses laid down to rest and I peeled my shoulders away from my ears.

But we have all survived a lot more than wind and cold. This year is not off to a good start, there have been losses and change for a lot of us. But we’re made of stronger stuff and we are not quitters.


Every winter is like this, more or less. The prairie gets a sprinkling of snow storms and some bitter cold nights. Don’t flatter this winter, it’s nothing special- not especially cold, not especially windy. This is pretty normal for us.

What I notice is that having a bad attitude about the weather never actually improves it. It just makes you feel old and stiff and intolerant. It’s a body language that our horses don’t like. Aren’t you tired of it, too?


Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.   -Dorothy Parker

Since we have apparently survived, it’s time to act like it. I’ve had it with winter. I’m tired of the weather dictating my mood. Let’s cue a change in our whiny selves. How about a flying change of season? The days are getting longer and there is no reason to wait. Let the weather take a cue from us for a change.


Do you have plans for the summer with your horse? Well bundle up and get started. No more excuses. It’s March already! Two months from now long johns will be a memory and your horse will like you a lot better than he has lately.

Maybe you had a New Year’s resolution that the weather threw back in your face. It’s time to  pick it up again. Has there been a nagging problem? Some thought about your horse that has you stalled out? Call the vet, hire a trainer, get an animal communicator if you feel like it, but take some action. Feeling stuck is out of season now.

In two weeks, we will get an extra hour of light in the evening and the hibernation will be over. In no time at all, we can look forward to complaining about the heat.

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

(Check it out: Summer events are up on the Infinity Farm website, along with an early (late) Christmas present for my clients.)

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Anna Blake

2 thoughts on “A Flying Change… of Season.”

  1. oh plz I still want to be grouchy about it…:-) and if you saw the huge piles of snow at my house you might be too! But it is hard to resist the crisp days with the snow sparkling.

  2. Amen to making an early start on Spring (before the heat and flies come to get us)! Have put Positive Hat on, maybe positive face will take cue 🙂


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