2 thoughts on “Helen’s Barn Tour, Canby OR”

  1. Lovely, I am envious of green grass! We only have that in Texas for about five days in the spring. I couldn’t help to notice the Gut X and Equiderma in the tack room, we seem to have the same shopping habits. Beautiful horses and goats and a great set up.

    • Thanks Peggy. We actually have too much green grass in the spring, one or two horses are usually sporting grazing muzzles at that time. It’s beginning to dry out some now.
      Horse property is always a work in progress. We’ve been here over 30 years now, and it took us about 20 before we started doing major remodeling (like the hay/tractor barn and fixing up the inside of the horse barn). We’re very happy here.
      My little quarter horse was new to me last fall and came with the Gut X. He seemed to happy and comfortable that I have kept him on it.


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