Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

These two horses, these especially, love to play the run game. They are always on the move, curious and energetic. They race and prance and graze and start over again with eloquence and emotion. Movement is their language. Anna Blake, Infinity Farm. WordPress Photo Challenge is a weekly prompt to share a photo- I enjoy … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

It is spring, I hear, but it’s hard to tell at this altitude. This high flat prairie is khaki tan with hardly a green shadow. The wind crosses the farm like a speed skater and if there are tiny leaves budding on the trees, they have been flogged and bruised. The temperature says spring but … Read more

It’s a Riding Lesson- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It starts innocently enough, just like every other thing that happens around horses. A rider might have a problem with their horse, or maybe a goal. It sounds innocent enough. Then there’s the horse, maybe he’s confused or maybe he’s bored. No blame, no fault. He’s being honest and if you don’t like what he … Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Humans build monuments to those we honor and respect. Simple love usually isn’t enough for monument status; it has to be a deed above and beyond the call. Monuments are erected to heroes, those who saved us from the unthinkable. We have no monuments at Infinity Farm, but if we did, I suspect it would … Read more