Edgar Rice Burro's Theatrical Debut…

… and what donkeys offer the real life dressage world.

We’re just home from Edgar Rice Burro’s debut in the dramatic presentation of “The Laonia Gold Mining Company” at the Travel Port Campground and Mini Storage, in Lake George, Colorado. (I do not make this stuff up.)

The Friends of the Lake George Library have been writing and producing melodramas- and cooking dinner to serve between acts- for 19 years! Tickets sell out early every year. Traditionally, the plots include silly men, fallen women, and a murder- to which the audience moans, groans, cheers, and hisses.

I’ve mentioned Edgar’s star quality before (here). He gets his share of international performance requests, but Edgar doesn’t fly. And some of Edgar’s best friends are librarians, so he was happy to say yes to Lake George, population 998.

With an understated flair for over-acting, Edgar played Fluffy, donkey confidante and companion to Harriet, aka Dirty Harry, played by Shelly Achord.  Dirty Harry is a stinky, marginally-domesticated prospector who might be a decent shot if she’s sober and wearing her glasses- but that’s only conjecture.

The play opens outside the saloon with Dirty Harry and Fluffy greeting stock holders in the Laonia Gold Company. Dirty Harry drapes an arm around Fluffy’s neck- with a blacked-out tooth and a booming voice, “Would you like to pet my ass?”  (See amateur video)

It probably goes without saying that Edgar’s performance was outstanding. He carried a dramatic gravitas, and clearly won the respect of his leading lady, as well as every person attending, since they had to get past him to enter.

Initially I wondered if Edgar would get a touch of stage nerves- working with a leading lady who was loud, dirty, blunt and laughed too much, he seemed…well… totally at home. Go figure.

Each time a group would make their way past and enter the saloon, Edgar would lift his spectacular ears upright to scan the parking lot for the next victims to their carrot-induced folly. He had the very best time.

I did notice that more women than men agreed to pet Dirty Harry’s fluffy Ass (or is it Ass, Fluffy?) It’s okay; men are often a bit intimidated by this level of talent. Either way, you can never hear too many ass jokes. One attendee got the jump on Dirty Harry when he rushed to kiss Fluffy on the forehead and blurt out, “I kissed your Ass.” It was that sort of crowd.

Thanks to the Friends of the Lake George Library for including us in their play (double entendre intended). Libraries are true democracies- free and open for the education and enrichment of all. This particular library is something special to inspire this sort of behavior for almost 20 years. My cheeks hurt from smiling; an evening like this makes me proud of all of us. God Bless America!

Thanks to our friends at Bear Track Ranch and their good mule, Sully- they took excellent care of Edgar during his Lake George visit. We brought Edgar home to our little dressage barn after closing night and he brayed mightily, happy to be reunited with his pet Andalusian. Edgar is kind to horses, even if they aren’t very bright.

There was a horrible quiet when Edgar was away. We missed his good morning bray, his moonlight yodel, and the caterwauling bellow any time I come to the barn. Or I’m visible in a window. Edgar Rice Burro quite literally sets the tone for Infinity Farm.

My career has been in the art world and the horse industry; the pretentious approach that can exist in either leaves me ice cold- every single time. So, I love the Friends of the Lake George Library and I love my donkey.

The dressage world can seem especially stuffy and elite; some say it’s a sport for rich dilettantes.  I still believe that dressage training is the best possible path for any horse and rider. I notice lots of us real life dressage riders wear dirty breeches and old boots and laugh at ourselves often. The effort and care we give our horses is what’s truly elite, and we’re humbled by all that our horses give back.

Comes a day that the ostentatious part of the horse world gets you down, come on over to Infinity Farm. Friend, you can pet my ass….

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

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Anna Blake

14 thoughts on “Edgar Rice Burro's Theatrical Debut…”

  1. What a special and beautiful boy, what a precious story. I will carry a warm glow with me all weekend thanks to this humorous and poignant piece.

  2. Thanks for the great write up Anna. We all had fun, but the hit of the day was Edgar or Fluffy. ( He did seem to like that name.)

  3. A fun and enjoyable post. It’s always my dream to have a horse or live in a farm-like environment where there’s lot of animals, great sunsets and breathtaking greens.

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