Photo Challenge and Poem: Rise/Set


What is it about a sunset that I
cannot look away? Trying to make
out a small movement, barely caught
in the edge of my eye, my dusk
vision falters, squinting toward

the south pasture. Then the sunset
slams across the sky, sideways light
blasting slim prairie grass shadows
flat to the ground. Whatever moved
has become as still as me, listening

to the upbeat honking of geese on
the pond. The water reflects a young
moon in an exhausted sky, erupting
in rose and gold. Color seeps down
from the clouds as the prairie gives

up the day, dissolving to a bruised
wash that flows until it ebbs, and
then drains purple and rust, leaving
a residue of shadow color. Staining
small lives with an immortal gleam.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

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  1. Wow…beautiful as ever your lovely words. I look forward so much to reading them.
    Inspiring and humbling and very moving all at the same time.
    Thank you!!


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