Photo Challenge: Anticipation

WmClaraSnow Bhim

Long shadows at noon,
cramped days slip
to bitter nights
this dark solstice.

Waiting for new light
a minute at a time.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Speaker, Equine Pro


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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Anticipation”

  1. There is a quiet contentment
    in winter’s solstice
    a beauty in the drab, leaflessness;
    a raccoon nestles into a leaf pile
    at the woodland edge
    thinking I can not see her
    she rests following a feast of cat nibbles
    stolen in the dark night.

    There is reflection in the quiet days
    contemplation of past and present.
    I trek to the barn and anticipate
    the warm, sweet breath of my thoroughbred;
    you are late
    where have you been?

    The week has held challenges
    awkward turns of event
    now, in the presence of horses,
    all fades to insignificance
    I am here now
    blessed by sentient beings for whom
    I constantly wish I could do more

    A quiet nicker, an exhalation
    a hoof planted softly on the bedding
    sounds that soothe the spirit
    and warm the heart

    Sit still
    two hearts are beating in friendship
    in the stillness, a head is raised from the haypile
    are you there?

    Nuala Galbari

  2. I saw a short poem on twitter that made me think of you and the whole farm, you may know it:

    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.
    A magical thing
    And sweet to remember.
    “We are nearer to Spring
    Than we were in September”
    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December
    -Oliver Herford

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