Photo Challenge & Poem: Unlikely


She’s an economical cat, a tabby
with concise ears, a tiny nose,
and pointy feet on my sternum,
lowering herself to perch in the

center of my chest, a small loaf
of intermittent congested purring.
Her short hair a bit disheveled,
she’s given up her immaculate

grooming in favor of longer naps.
All of her contemporaries have
passed on, like a changing of the
guard, others have stepped up to

take their place. Trying to count
her age is a sweet meander, littered
with moth wings and mouse tails
and this warm weight on my heart.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
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Anna Blake

0 thoughts on “Photo Challenge & Poem: Unlikely”

  1. wonderful tribute to an old tabby…I know what you mean about the weight on your heart–when no longer there, it leaves a chasm.

  2. I love this homage to the Tabby! I’ll never be OK with finality, though I try and learn resilience from my critters, I’m just not as wise as the 4 legged sages that surround me.

  3. Once again, I feel my heart touched by your poetry. I am the lucky cohabitant in a household that contains Tommy the Cat, the last survivor of a feral farm cat colony that stretched over decades in the German farm lands just east of St. Louis. Tommy left the farm as a kitten with me and has journied through a life that has seen much joy, some grief and everything in between. The one constant has always been the comfort we share in each other’s presence. And of course, his tuna.


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